Collaborating with Citizens to Solve Social Problems

Empowering citizens to become active citizens.| changemakers.| volunteers.|


Everyone’s a

The University of Commons is a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker.

We collaborate with governments, corporates & non-profits worldwide & encourage change-making. And build platforms for the purpose to thrive.

    Success stories

    See how Social Commons is helping citizens & entrepreneurs

    School Management System

    See how U&I is impacting lives of thousands of volunteers & kids in shelter homes using the Commons Platform, in over 20 cities!

    See how Smitha, Naveen, Prashanth and several others joined hands in solving complex social challenges and volunteered with Platform Commons

    Platform Commons & Saajha together implemented the Right to Education (RTE) Act by enabling parent participation in school governance through SMCs in 1500+ schools

    A Volunteer Management System that is loved by change-leaders

    Thanks to Commons Platform, over 16,000 community members participate in School Development in Delhi, Jharkhand and Karnataka.

    The Journeys of Change suite really helps in driving change! We get to train, deploy and manage progress of fellows from a single dashboard.

    We recruit from over 20,000 volunteers every year using UoC. And place 3,000+ volunteer in shelter homes in 50 cities. All seamlessly at one place.


    enterprises say they could scale impact by engaging citizens in their cause