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Our Purpose

We see a World that is
equitable and inclusive.

Where every living being is treated with respect & dignity.

Equitable & Inclusive

Every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives & skills. And contribute.

Labour is the new Capital

People-owned enterprises thrive & compete with corporations. All the economic -isms are too cliched!

Everyone’s a Changemaker

Make space for Plurals; people with different ideologies can find a commons ground & make a difference.

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More Inclusive Society. Well being for all.

Our Work

We build Software for Social Good

& address world’s biggest social and environmental challenges

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Connecting Farmers to Market

We enable farmers to sell as close to consumers as possible; by helping them climb up the value chain towards processing, packaging & marketing.

Enabling Agri-Entrepreneurs to operate across the value chain

by building web and mobile apps for farmer capacity building enterprises, FPOs, wholesalers, retailers & consumers.

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Empowering every citizen to volunteer

Everyone is a changemaker of their own degree. We curate opportunities & attract volunteers at our change-making marketplace.

Enabling Civic-entrepreneurs to collaborate with volunteers better

We build apps for social enterprises that help recruit, manage & deploy changemakers. We build apps for volunteers that guide change-making.

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Helping edu-enterprises organize their intervention & assess the impact

Platform Commons is enriching the education landscape through technology solutions that help entrepreneurs build understand learners and address learning gaps.

Helping Parents, Volunteers & Teachers understand the child better

The pace of learning differs from child to child, based on her own interests, capabilities, and individual learning curves. This data guides just the right interventions.

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Upskilling & Placing Job Seekers

Connecting aspiring workforce to employers, help them self-assess, upskill, and apply for jobs that offer stable income.

Deploying State Employment Banks

Enabling governments to kickstart State Job Boards that aggregate employers, training providers, and job seekers.

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Success stories

See how Platform Commons is enabling citizens, enterprises and governments

School Management System

See how U&I is impacting lives of thousands of volunteers & kids in shelter homes using the Commons Platform, in over 20 cities!

See how Smitha, Naveen, Prashanth and several others joined hands in solving complex social challenges and volunteered with Platform Commons

Platform Commons & Saajha together implemented the Right to Education (RTE) Act by enabling parent participation in school governance through SMCs in 1500+ schools

See how Sudhir Mishra, Municipal Commissioner, of a large Indian City streamlined the waste ecosystem in his city.

See how Raji’s decision to eat high quality food changed the life and lifestyle of a farmer.

See how Muniamma increased her annual revenue 3X through Platform Commons


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