We build open|inclusive|equitable
software as a Commons resource.

Platform Commons Foundation is a nonprofit organization that builds inclusive platforms to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

The rise of the Platforms Commons

Platforms have radically disrupted businesses as we know them. Platform companies such as Amazon, Uber, Netflix and the likes have significantly impacted economies and societies, not only by displacing some of the world’s biggest firms but also by transforming our social fabric.

More than 30% of global economic activity — some $60 trillion — could be mediated by digital platforms in six years’ time. When that happens, we envision collectives co-owning these platforms to drive population-scale change as an alternative to corporation run platforms.


Our Core Values

At Platform Commons Foundation, our values are our cornestones

  • Equitability
  • Agency
  • Participative
  • Inclusive
  • Dignity
  • Choice

What makes Platform Commons Foundation


The People

The believers, volunteers, developers, partners, employees, customers, donors. People are core to Platform Commons Foundation


The Idea

We believe population-scale change will happen by leveraging platforms that are commons good.


The Code

1.3 million lines of code is the engine that drives us & drives impact. This Work will remain of us all.


The Constitution & Licenses

The Foundation is guided by the constitution. The Work is shared & Users are protected by the licenses.


The Users

Users are the reason we are building things. For us, more value and more users bring network effects.


The Data

Data is strictly owned by the respective users & the data wallets provide seamless access to platform services, in a secure and borderless way.

The rise of the Commons

The commons, the cultural and natural resources, are accessible to all members of society by design; however, the intellectual commons, or General Intellect is not.

Intellectual Commons loosely translates to everybody’s knowledge + technology advancements of society. This technology could either be the foundation of wealth accumulation in the hands of the few; or could be harnessed by collectives.

We chose to share, so that everyone wins!

What we do?

We build tech platforms

that are open-source for governments and community-owned organizations.

Platform as a Service

We give away the source code and deploy our best talent to help governments scale proven solutions.

Software as a Service

We provide licensed software to small & medium impact organizations that don’t want to manage Platform Infrastructure.

Reference Implementation

We operate our software in a few chosen impact areas. Primarily, to establish the promise and sustain continuous development.

Partner Hand-holding

We work with governments, non-profits and social enterprises to drive impact by leveraging the Commons Platform.

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