Parents Can Also Be

Change Leaders

Engage Parents in a School Development Plan

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Parents could be a lever for a

good education system.

Create Projects or Meetings

Invite Parent members, local volunteers, teachers into a digital school space.

  • Turn parents into active participants of school development.

  • Provide parents with tools that give them the ownership of a good education for their children.

  • Track and monitor the functioning of the school regularly.

Create a Digital School-Space


Set Goals, Drive actions

Empower guardians to manage accountability of teachers and principals.

  • Track School Development, assign action owners, and conduct attendance.

  • Engage parents and execute tasks that contribute to school improvement.

  • Raise flags or seek help from government officers.

Document Minutes of Meetings and Kickstart School Projects


SMC Budget Management

Facilitate transparency between parents and the school management.

  • Supervise school’s finances and give parents equal participation in money matters.

  • Spend funds on tasks and actions that are parents approved.

  • Add and withdraw funds as per requirement.

A school development plan, broken down into small doable steps


Get Insights & View Reports

Let parents become the watchdogs of the Indian education system.

  • Compare high & low performing schools.

  • Measure the impact of the tasks created.

  • Create a parents’ participation index and view attendance reports.

Inter-School Collaboration