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A School Transformation Journey

Equip your Volunteers, Fellows, or partner Principals with a journey that truly transforms the learning environment.

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Journey of a School supported by Volunteers

Build leadership capacity with young changemakers and the school principals.

  • Fellows or Volunteers act as coaches of the school transformation journey.

  • Volunteers engage with all stakeholders equally to execute a development plan.

  • School’s current state is assessed & a customized journey is derived.

Volunteers or Fellows handhold
School Leaders


Handholding a School Leader

Enhance the leadership capabilities of principals and heads masters

  • Handhold school principals digitally by sharing a well-crafted development plan.

  • Milestones that are micro, effective, and measurable.

  • Connects principals across the country over topics that matter.

  • Analyse progress on the dashboard and identify schools that need attention

School Principals drive change at
school on their own


Set Growth Areas & Milestones

A long transformative journey is broken down into areas of growth and milestones

  • Each Changemaking journey is broken into growth areas & milestones.

  • Harness the capabilities of videos, texts, and images to execute milestones.

  • Get support throughout the journey to managing difficult situations.

A school development plan, broken down into small doable steps


Facilitate Inter-School Collaboration

Communication and seeking support is a critical aspect of the journey experience.

  • Form peer groups and initiate discussions on topics that matter.

  • Get inspired by your peers who have achieved milestones and completed journeys.

  • Connect with Changemakers and expand your network.

Inter-School Collaboration