Right to Education, implemented at the Grassroots Level.

The Right to Education (RTE) Act envisages parent participation in school governance through elected bodies at the school level called the School Management Committees (SMCs). Citizen involvement through SMCs can help improve the quality of inputs, processes and even outcomes in schools.

Reshma’s daughter is in 8th grade in a Government school in Delhi. Reshma actively participates in SMC meetings and assists authorities in building a better learning environment for her daughter. She is trained by UoC and partner organization, Saajha, on how to meaningfully participate in meetings, create action plans and keep herself updated through an app developed by UoC team.

Reshma has now volunteered to train other parents in neighboring schools on how to build a School Development Plan.

In collaboration with Delhi Government, Directorate of Education, Saajha, UoC enables parents’ participation in School Development Plan across Delhi. The movement is now catching on in pockets of other states like Jharkhand, Karnataka, and Rajasthan. More than 16,000 parents actively contribute with their time and intellect in schools of their children.

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